Welcome to Bali weddings with Sarieta Lorna, how do we plan a wedding in bali?
Well, with our help and experiencesas our client, you benefit from our years of building professional relationships with the industry’s top caterer, dj, photographer, baker, florist, decor specialist, and many other small details. Keeping them all in line and remind you of what is there and still needed.

Because you deserve the BEST!

We aren’t your typical wedding planners! Couples hire us when they are serious about having an unforgettable, well-managed wedding day! We work with couples that see themselves as super-busy professionals. They want their wedding dreams easily executed without all the stress.
Innovative concepts, unique locations and flawless coordination combine to ensure every aspect of your wedding or event is nothing short of perfect.

about us

I’m Sarieta Lorna, the lead planner in our team and owner.
My role is to make sure everything on your checklist is checked off on a timely fashion, all of your questions are answered thoroughly and promptly, and most importantly that everything on your big day is executed flawlessly and how YOU want it!
I set up your appointments with our vendors, call to answer any planning or wedding related questions you may have, one of my favorite planning moments, attend your walk thru, and arrive early on the big day to supervise the whole production and set up those special details that will make your wedding special.
I am multi-lingual of New Zealand and Yogyakarta parentage. As such I am fluent in both bahasa Indonesia and English. Having been brought up in multi-cultural Bali I am culturally sensitive and understand the cultural norms of Javanese, Western, Chinese and Balinese weddings. This makes my interpersonal communication skills are exceptional, allowing me to foster relationships with various vendors and event staff to ensure every event is a success, and there are no miscommunications.
My passion and mission is to help you capture that magic on your special and unforgettable wedding.


Hiring a Wedding Planner
No Longer a Luxury, but a Necessity
“Yes…I will marry you!” That’s the first affirmative answer that only kicks off the whirlwind of vague questions that lead up to your special day.
Where do I start? What do I need to do first? Where will I have the reception? Who will provide the food? The questions go on and on throughout the planning process up until the day you say “I Do”. There are countless details, specific touches, and special traditions that cannot be overlooked. It is only normal to feel the anxiety leading up to the big day; after all you don’t do this every day!
Possibly one of the best choices you can make is to hire a wedding planner. It is often thought that hiring a planner could be expensive and is only for the wealthy. But no more, hiring a planner is essential in having a well-planned affair on any budget.
A professional wedding planner can save you time, money and energy. They act as your consultant before, during and even after your special day.
They are there to answer your questions and assist you in making contacts with other professionals to ensure you have the best products and services with sound and cost effective contracts. Wedding planners will create and make sure you stay within the limits of your budget, while getting the most for your dollar.
A planner will even be a mediator, that safe neutral person to act as a buffer in tough situations. If you work with a best friend or family member you don’t want to have any awkward moments with them. They are your sounding board, listening to requests, executing them and making suggestions. Your planner will do the ground work making sure your day is just the way you want, allowing your family, friends, and most importantly the bride and groom to enjoy.
When hiring a wedding planner, you are buying knowledge, professionalism, creativity, guidance, service and most importantly a stress free wedding planning journey.